Lawn Mower Troubleshooting And Other Important Things

Lawn mower troubleshooting at its most basic level can be handled by most gardeners including you. But you have to know exactly what to do.

However, on an advanced level, it should be referred to the experts as some of the jobs require some special tools and may not be safe to attempt at home.

Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

Machines have minds of their own and sometimes they just decide not to work properly or not work at all.

Most times all they need is a little tender loving care which may include cleaning the air filter, lubricating some joints, or tightening a few bolts.

But at other times they may need some mechanical help like changing the plugs, sharpening the blades, leveling the cutting deck, etc.

Many times, these exercises can be avoided if you keep to the recommended maintenance schedules.

*Remember that after you have solved the present problem.*

Lawn mower troubleshooting help

The best place to get the basic help you need is from your lawn mower manual. However, these will only handle minor problems. If you don’t have one or have lost yours, you can get another lawn mower manual from the manufacturers.

If you are a do-it-yourself person and won’t mind a little grease on your hands then the following books could help

Lawn Mower Manuals

The best time to look for lawn mower manuals is when you don’t need one urgently.

It is always best to make sure you have one handy.

Where to get

Lawnmower manuals can and should be gotten from the manufacturers or from designated distributors.

The good news is that many of these manuals can be gotten free of charge. However, some manufacturers sell their manuals

Types you can get

Offline manuals – usually shipped to you. You may be asked to pay for shipping only or both shipping and manual or It may be free.

Online Manuals– Downloaded usually from the company’s website. Available to be read by an appropriate digital device(usually pdf).

Other types of manuals available include the lawn mower parts manual and lawn mower accessories manuals.

All these can be gotten directly from the manufacturers.

Use the search box above to locate your manufacturer.

Special brands

Some lawn mower brands are not popular and it might be a bit difficult to get in contact with the manufacturer. In that case, the best thing to do is to contact the retailer that sold you the lawn mower. The retailer is most likely to know how to get in touch with the manufacturer.

A note on why it is important to get a lawn mower manual

It is best to get the specific lawn mower manual that you need. Don’t settle for a close match.

Every lawn mower is unique. And even closely related mowers of the same brand have some unique features that are better explained in their respective manuals.

The only situation you can substitute manuals is if it is clearly stated by the manufacturer that it can be used for your model too.

If in doubt please contact them. They will be more than willing to help you. After all, the competition is just a TV commercial away or sometimes just a mouse click away.

Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

Riding lawn mower reviews will tell you almost all you need to know about riding lawn mowers.

There are a lot of reliable reviews available. Here are a few we find useful.

Lawn Tractors – These are riding lawnmowers that are used for lawn maintenance. You can also attach accessories like carts to it.

Garden Tractors – These machines are more powerful heavy-duty machines that are not primarily built for lawn mowing. They can do other jobs like ridging and raking.

5 Speed Transmission – Manual Gear System that has 5 different gears and requires a foot-operated hitch to switch between gears.

Automatic Transmission – Gear system which automatically switches between gear speeds. But must be manually switched between forward and reverse drives.

Hydro automatic Drive – Foot operated change between the reverse and forward drive. Good because it’s easier to operate and keeps hands free.

Zero Turn Radius Lawn MowerLawn mowers are easily maneuverable and can virtually “turn on themselves”. Don’t turn in a large semicircle.

Lawn Mower Rating

Why is a lawn mower rating important?

The reason is this. The choices available to consumers today are so numerous that most consumers are confused, you don’t know which lawn mower is the best fit for you. And just when you think you have found that perfect lawn mower, you hear of another.

In answer to this great problem, there have been attempts to rank lawnmowers using different features as the basis. These lawnmowers are compared against each other.

Of course, the basis for the ranking in one is different from that of another. Even those that rank based on many features, still place importance on some specific features.

Basic Types There are 3 basic types of lawn mower ratings available on the net.

A.Experiment-based (Professional) This is usually done by professionals who get mowers of different brands and subject them to various conditions and tasks. Their performance is the basis for the rating.

B.Consumer-based lawn mower rating. In this type, individuals who own and presently use a particular lawn mower share their experiences, compare it against previous experiences or stories heard, and then vote on the lawn mowers. Ratings like these can be seen on Epinions and ask an owner

Combined These contain both professional and consumer opinions. A good example is Visit Amazon’s comprehensive consumer lawn mower rating in which lawn mowers are rated by users around the world using a five-star system. Click on any lawn mower to see the details.

Note-Amazon owns 7 international sites (France, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, China) and so they naturally sample a wider audience.

Things to note

Professional ratings tend to focus on technological features, durability, efficacy, and value for money (rather than the cost of purchase).

Consumer-based ratings are usually emotionally laden and are less objective since the experiences are not based on testing different lawnmowers under the same conditions.

Consumers also tend to focus on user-friendliness, maintenance costs, and cost of purchase (rather than value for money).

HOWEVER, read those reviews carefully because they are real-life experiences that could also happen to you so learn how to handle them.